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Vending machines are important routine maintenance

2012/8/23      view:

Vending machine outside: When the dust outside the machine, wipe with a dry cloth. And if too much dust, wipe can not afford to wash with warm water or diluted neutral clean water, then with a cloth moistened with a diluted solution of a good cleaning machines. Xiaobian remind you that, in a timely manner is difficult to remove the dirt again, not available or alkaline liquid solvent to clean the machine, otherwise the panel and select buttons, which are likely to produce cracks.

Coin recognizer: coins in circulation are easily soiled, stained with dirt when the coin passes through the vending machine coin channel, the channel will stain over time, if the dirt is too severe, it will lead to a vending machine coin selection, looking for change, coin and other properties disorders. Therefore, in order to maintain the good performance of the coin discriminator, for the coin discriminator channel, wiping at least once a month should not be used gauze moistened with hot water, wipe clean with a dry cloth or slightly moist cloth can be.