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Office vending machine installed directly benefit

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Office vending machine installed directly benefit any company in which the advantages are straightforward. Whether the owner or employees can enjoy with this service, all of them will enjoy a short break, the tension can be eased pressure at work. In terms of cost, to provide these self-service approach can be more cost-saving overhead while saving the company time, so do not install a traditional cafeteria, and reducing personnel costs, and to multiply the work efficiency services.

It also avoids the employees in the workplace unreasonably prolonged absences. Some professionals say that according to statistics, if 10 employees in the office, the loss is 200 hours per month they will not in the office, the translated value, can be understood as the loss of the company will be € 1,600 per month. But if there is a space set aside for a coffee in the employee's office, so the company lost time will be reduced by half.
On the other hand, the relationship between individuals and also to encourage interpersonal. In fact, drinking coffee time with peers, often a few years, most have a good idea generation. For the boss, the advantages are numerous. Depending on the season, coffee or snack, make your employees feel at ease and comfortable work, but also to avoid the employees complained to the company owner or work. Coffee time can play a stretch muscles and relax the role of spirit. Chat with other departments have space to avoid the same for their employees, but do not know about their colleagues embarrassment. Staff will also see the positive side of the company, which also makes the work day more comfortable.

So, self-office services, either in numbers or benefits on employee satisfaction, bring are enormous.