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How to put in place a vending machine supply to maximize profits

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Product description :
It applies to public places , factories , hospitals , schools,
libraries , railway stations , hotels, cafes , offices, shopping centers
, office buildings, residential areas and government offices and other
places, and automatically supply of food, general merchandise and canned
, bottled beverages.
Note vending machines which operate good points:
 Vending machines do not need highly technical , operating vending machines also have their own way.
 In general , to carry out the vending machine business to pay attention to the following points:
 1 , the choice of location
 Vending machine operators also points determine success or failure . Find a good point to note the following points:
 To a large flow of people . Such as airports , railway stations , public places, such as work or activities ; able to stay attractive . Such as supermarket entrance, near the smoking room, so the seat next ; have special needs . If B-room near the hospital , people tend to do B drink a lot of water ; many children must also be a good place to place .
 Often next to others of the machine is a good point , if not to sell the same product. From there people buy ready-made point is a good way to join the
fastest , but it 's a good point to buy ready-made cost is high , the
risk of naturally high
 2 , customer classification ( clear what the customer needs )
 Placing the machine set point , then it must ask ourselves here guests, what is needed ? What to buy ?
 Playground Should not need juice, snack foods .
 Game room billiard room where other young people get together and buy the latest popular drink , OK?
 Stadiums, sports venues selling water , than it is to sell food to the better ? .
 In the office where the flow is relatively concentrated , can sell dairy products and a variety of snacks like girls .
 3 , select the machine ( to choose the right machine )
the machine must not be on the cheaper plans , the best according to
their economic strength, operating period , and operating environment
and other factors, choose your product . Bargains may mean lower quality , I believe that every few days to repair the machine who do not want to taste the taste .
 4 , choose the arrival point
 Is very important to select a good purchase , delivery of goods to give customers the best and most convenient route,
 The price is cheaper , do not underestimate a two -point , even a little bit cheaper , but also accumulated a small fortune .
 Variety to the whole . At one point the best will be able to carry the goods together . Multi purchase a waste of time , waste of energy.
 Not far away , allowing you to purchase , which is also very important. That is far away from a waste of time , but also increase the freight, may also cause the machine " out of stock ."
 5 , pick supplier ( vendor selection )
 Vending machine is a commercial equipment , it directly to end customers . But
the machine could not fault it is impossible , so choose a good
equipment suppliers also you must do something before the opening. A good supplier should have experienced equipment maintenance and operational management experience. Good
service provider should have a customer-oriented service concept, good
service attitude, the way the price to be fair variety of services ,
hotlines, Internet and other natural and no less . Ai Feng - China 's largest vending machine production base , the famous brand machines . Walking in the vending industry in China at the forefront , is your good choice.